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What can cloud do for your business ?



The team at AB Systems are pleased and excited to be rolling out our new cloud based software. We partner with CES and they have developed a new cloud based technology. Let us tell you all about it…


In a nut shell….


Key Features:

• Simple UI Graphical interface

• Remote access to back-office via the internet

• Branch and location control

• Simple till maintenance

• Enhanced search function

• Stock location search with electronic map display

• Multiple selling prices for each stock item

• Easy access to data through various Android apps

• Reporting including Till Sales, Stock Sales and archived history

• Flexible movement operations

• Real time reporting

• Dashboard overview of transactions and orders

• Quick and easy set up

• Integrate with other CES Inno products

• Product Search

• Print Labels



In detail….


Simple UI – graphical interface

The CES Inno On Demand user interface has been designed to make sure all operations can be carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible. The use of icons, colour coding with the increased functionality of a grid layout and tabbed options ensures the user can easily navigate through the system leaving them free to concentrate on customer service.

Cloud-based control

Stay in control of your business when not at the point of sale or purchase, with the CES Inno On Demand’s software as a service solution. Remote access to your POS management, sales and stock control is available 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world and is compatible with any browser

User control

Control access to features and functionality for individual users, or groups of users. Access is easily configurable to create a personalised summary or restrict access to certain screens, adding, deleting or editing various items.


Gain greater visibility over daily transactions and on going business operations through detailed stock reports accessed at any time from anywhere. View sales and stock by branch or as an overview. Reports such as profits and margins, till sales, stock movement, best sellers and current stock can be set up and distributed, providing you and relevant staff with the tools to run your business as efficiently as possible.

Simple till maintenance

Quickly set up your till layouts with a functional screen design that works best for your business. Easily maintain and update each user interface, add buttons for new products, operators and promotions. Inno On Demand gives you the flexibility to apply changes to all sales outlets for speed and accuracy or select individual till points of your choice with varying products or promotions so each point of sale has only the functions required for their operation.

Advanced search functionality

Save time with the CES Inno On Demand’s enhanced search functionality. Filter products and check stock quickly by searching for products by name, part name, barcode or category and directly change properties. Staff can proficiently deal with stock and customer product enquiries.

Branch and Location Control

Many of CES Inno On Demand’s powerful tools can be applied
by branch or location. This allows you to treat each branch as
an individual providing the control and set up best for each outfit
while creating the best solution for your business as a whole.

User alerts and notifications

Keep staff informed of promotions, opportunities to upsell and general news by sending messages and alerts to each point of sale. Keep up to date with all the latest CES Software developments and updates with our notifications sent through the system.

Stock location search

Staff can maximise selling opportunity and utilise the stock by finding products available from alternative locations, reserving items or arranging transfer of stock. Choose your location and product and an electronic map will display all locations and stock values against that product. Allowing you to stock in multiple locations, with varying minimum and maximum stocking levels.

Multiple selling prices

Create individual price points for different locations together with offers and promotions. Varying prices to reflect the location including the best and worst sellers at each outlet enables you to streamline your overall stock levels as well as makes the best use of what is being held at each location.

Easy sales monitoring

The new sales monitoring dashboard creates an overview of your business transactions with easy access to detailed views of sales data. Process information quickly with graphs of sales by branch, date or department. Easily access data with our applications for android devices. Produce stock takes feeding information back to Inno On Demand and view stock value with the Inno Stock Counts App, real-time head office reports with the Inno Reports Dashboard App and view Consolis X-10 sales analysis with its very own app.


Real Time Information

Improve business efficiency with immediate access to real time reports on sales, stock and product information. Gain more control by accessing an up to the minute overview of your business allowing you to introduce better processes, improve stock control and therefore reduce costs.


Flexible movement operations

CES Inno On Demand provides flexibility to create purchase orders or stock transfers and track progress or receive deliveries, book in and adjust stock immediately. Simple stock maintenance, creating stock counts and adjustments ensures you have the full picture of your stock levels at all times allowing you to order efficiently and make the best use of your cash flow.


Till communications

Inno On Demand connects with CES InnoPOS and the Consolis X-10 to push sales data back to head office within seconds of a completed transaction. InnoPOS can be used in conjunction with CES InnoCentral to provide the perfect fit for different job roles from head office staff based in one location to branch managers on the move.

A comprehensive range of POS and head office solutions encompassing PC and browser-based applications. Designed to meet the needs of retailers of all sizes.

CES InnoPOS – professional EPOS made simple. Building relationships and customer relationship management while improving the speed of service, staff productivity and reducing shrinkage, maximising your return on investment.

CES InnoCentral – powerful POS estate control and inventory management. Historical reporting facilities for purchase and sales analysis. Determine what is selling, when and where, and forecast product sales to ensure that you have the stock required.

CES Inno On Demand – cloud-based head office control for single and multisite retailers. Encompassing POS management, sales and stock control. Accessible from any browser in the world, 24 hours a day.